Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Relationship Goals

I just wanna share this picture for the sake of posting.. Lols. 
Im sharing this to everyone so you guys will have an idea of what's the meaning of my url. 💕 

He is Charles Marcelo. We're together for about 22months now, that's 2mos away from reaching our 2nd year Anniversary. 💕  We've been through many ups and downs and im still thankful that we're still kicking it and some problems and a wonderful blessing is yet to come 👶 so pls good Lord, guide us thru this challenge. Hope we can overcome this trial together 🙏


  1. Aww this is so lovely! Last long (: x


  2. Relationship goals indeed! :) You guys are so cute. I hope you'll be able to last for a lifetime because you definitely look happy with each other. :) I followed you on GFC by the way! I really like your posts! xx

    Roxanne ♥ | Awkward Turtle

  3. You two look so sweet. kaka kilig :)

    - Joyce | http://www.bitsofjoyce.com/


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