Saturday, March 14, 2015


Hello pinoys!
Have you guys been to Maginhawa Village  located in UP Village, Quezon City? It's where you can find the cheapest food-trippin site in town! 

So, ive been there twice with the pocket money of just 500 pesos and i get to expirience 3 different kinds of diner! 

1. The Iscreamist 
Its an ice cream parlor With the twist of having the expirience of liquid nitrogen dip on your ice cream or smores! 
This is one of the famous cafe in Maginhawa Village so expect for long lines and the shop can only accomomodate around 20pax so if you want to expirience this one, you need to bring extra patience with you. 

Their smores only cost 70php for one order(4pcs). Cheap huh ~ 

2. Caffera

This coffee shop serves common sets of coffee just like the others you can find around metro, but the ambiance and concept of their shop makes them different. 

The price of their products are around 100-300php, prices may vary on sizes.

You can take and post your photographs on their wall. A perfect place for shutterbugs!

Oh and they serve their coffee on camera lenses ~ kiddin! :p 

3. Frosted

One of my fave bakeshop because you wont see much people loitering around and their cupcakes are good AND cheap! Prices ranges from 70-100 and frapps/drinks 100-200. 

Been here twice! I so love the smores cupcake <3 

4. Gerry's Jeepney

Boodle fight anyone? Yea! You are obliged to eat by your hands and the food is just served on a banana leaf! One of the filipino practice i love the most! They have food good for 2pax up to 8pax. Their foods were great! A must try diner. 


The aftermath!

I aint gonna go to Maginhawa Village again! Because whenever i go there, it feels like my tummy would explode because of the overflowing sets of foooods! 

PS. These are only some of the good diner you can find in Maginhawa Village :)


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  2. I love Maginhawa! So many places to go, and so many food to eat. My personal favorites would be Stuff Over and Tomato Kick! I need to explore more!

  3. My friends in Manila used to visit this place always. I haven't been here but I really want to. I'm including this in my list of the places I have to go this vacation. Haha! Thanks for this :)

    Have a nice day, Leigh!


  4. Wow, I wish Cebu has these places. I would be so tempted to eat at those affordable dining places! I especially loved the boodle fight diner and Frosted! Those cakes are amazingly delicious-looking *.*

    Mimi | The Foxy Heroine

  5. I really enjoyed reading this post... so hungry now, haha! xx

    come visit me if you want! <3

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