Friday, April 24, 2015

Degree holder and Soon to be MOMEHHH!

(3rd Month)

(5th month ultrasound picture)

Look how time flies so fast.. Even on my tummy :p 

My due is on June 2 but i will try to give birth at around 3rd to 4th week of May, because i want to. :) jk. I just want her to be a summer baby. And it will be less than a month! ;)

My daughter name will be Aly Skylar Cassandra C. Marcelo. Aint it pretty? :) Aly comes from the name of my bestfriend, skylar comes from Skylar Grey, her father simply wants that name, and Cassandra comes from me just because i simply want that name also. Pretty long eh ~ 

The last time that i had my ultrasound was 3months ago and that's my 5th month bearing Aly, and unfortunately she was on breech position, she had a span of 2 months to turn and be in cephalic position for normal delivery. 

I ask God if he can help my little angel to turn and he grant my wish yesterday! I had my ultrasound again and the sonologist found that she's now on cephalic position! I just hope my little one wont be hard-headed just like her father so she will not swim around again. 

Just a little more weeks to develop and my little Aly will soon be ready to see the world! I love you so much baby girl. We're all so excited to see you 💕

April 18,2015. Together with my pregnancy, i finally finished my bachelors degree at Lyceum of the Philippines University-Manila. Couldnt ask for more, i had so much blessings this year to think that it is only mid-year of 2015. Cant wait for the other blessings to come. Thank God for everything! 

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