Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Hi hiatuuuus!

                   ~Aly says Hi!" 

Oh my god! Its been like forever since i posted something here 😭 Im sorry ILBS for taking you for granted it just motherhood is so way different from my life before. 

Im managing my time for my family, my husband and my friends and the household chores and for being the family driver and the need to hit the gym and many many mooooore! 

My whole being was soooo tired from all of THESE! but i must say, i enjoy being so much preoccupied. Less drama and more sleep! 

So maybe when i got the time again ill post something about our trip to WestNuk Beach Resort in Bataan. 

Thursday, June 11, 2015


Been M-i-a for a month, its all because of my pregnancy. 

It was not risky but we had waited each day of May because 1.) we're all so very excited for the baby and 2.)we dont know when will my little one would want to come out. 

Ive been bored, frustrated, anxious and stressed because i have reached my 37th weeks and still got no signs of labor. Till the 38th weeks comes and then 39th week check up, the "bloody show" showed up. Thats the sign that we should go to the hospital. 

Upon arriving to the hospital, i didnt feel any pain or contractions at all. So they decided to induce my labor so i can deliver the baby vaginally. Ive been on the labor room for 8am-2pm. The worse hours of my life. I am fighting with the labor pain as it gets stronger and stronger every minute. Im helping my contractions so i can release my little one already. 

Unfortunately, with every strong contractions, my baby's heartbeat gettin weaker and as time passed by, she's losing her oxygen. By then, i know mg baby is suffering, i know somethings wrong. Finally the OB couldnt afford to risk my baby's health so they decided that i need to undergo a c-section delivery. 

They delivered the operation succesfully and ive got a beautiful baby girl. We figured out that the reason behind of the problem we encountered while they inducing my labor is my baby's umbilical cord was tied around her neck. How i pity my little one's suffering when she's still on my tummy.

So thats it. Here's my beautiful baby girl named Aly Skylar Cassandra C. Marcelo, delivered on May 28 2015. 

Friday, April 24, 2015

Degree holder and Soon to be MOMEHHH!

(3rd Month)

(5th month ultrasound picture)

Look how time flies so fast.. Even on my tummy :p 

My due is on June 2 but i will try to give birth at around 3rd to 4th week of May, because i want to. :) jk. I just want her to be a summer baby. And it will be less than a month! ;)

My daughter name will be Aly Skylar Cassandra C. Marcelo. Aint it pretty? :) Aly comes from the name of my bestfriend, skylar comes from Skylar Grey, her father simply wants that name, and Cassandra comes from me just because i simply want that name also. Pretty long eh ~ 

The last time that i had my ultrasound was 3months ago and that's my 5th month bearing Aly, and unfortunately she was on breech position, she had a span of 2 months to turn and be in cephalic position for normal delivery. 

I ask God if he can help my little angel to turn and he grant my wish yesterday! I had my ultrasound again and the sonologist found that she's now on cephalic position! I just hope my little one wont be hard-headed just like her father so she will not swim around again. 

Just a little more weeks to develop and my little Aly will soon be ready to see the world! I love you so much baby girl. We're all so excited to see you 💕

April 18,2015. Together with my pregnancy, i finally finished my bachelors degree at Lyceum of the Philippines University-Manila. Couldnt ask for more, i had so much blessings this year to think that it is only mid-year of 2015. Cant wait for the other blessings to come. Thank God for everything! 

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