Monday, March 23, 2015

Contouring bandwagon

This highlight and contouring technique are now all over the WWW. It was Kim K's look. So girls all over the world are getting gaga about this look. 

It can literally give your face a brand new look and shape, unfortunately its not recommended for an everyday look unless you are Kim K, right? :) 

Ive been watching lots and lots of videos hoping i could give myself a try with this technique. Maybe i could use this make up at my upcoming graduation *wohoo* 

*credits to the owners

I would want to try the cream foundation contouring because it gives way much better results than the powder one.(?)

And i am really confused of what brushes or pallette should i provide for me to do this technique. Im no make-up guru. :p Anyone? Enlighten me pls? 

Saturday, March 14, 2015


Hello pinoys!
Have you guys been to Maginhawa Village  located in UP Village, Quezon City? It's where you can find the cheapest food-trippin site in town! 

So, ive been there twice with the pocket money of just 500 pesos and i get to expirience 3 different kinds of diner! 

1. The Iscreamist 
Its an ice cream parlor With the twist of having the expirience of liquid nitrogen dip on your ice cream or smores! 
This is one of the famous cafe in Maginhawa Village so expect for long lines and the shop can only accomomodate around 20pax so if you want to expirience this one, you need to bring extra patience with you. 

Their smores only cost 70php for one order(4pcs). Cheap huh ~ 

2. Caffera

This coffee shop serves common sets of coffee just like the others you can find around metro, but the ambiance and concept of their shop makes them different. 

The price of their products are around 100-300php, prices may vary on sizes.

You can take and post your photographs on their wall. A perfect place for shutterbugs!

Oh and they serve their coffee on camera lenses ~ kiddin! :p 

3. Frosted

One of my fave bakeshop because you wont see much people loitering around and their cupcakes are good AND cheap! Prices ranges from 70-100 and frapps/drinks 100-200. 

Been here twice! I so love the smores cupcake <3 

4. Gerry's Jeepney

Boodle fight anyone? Yea! You are obliged to eat by your hands and the food is just served on a banana leaf! One of the filipino practice i love the most! They have food good for 2pax up to 8pax. Their foods were great! A must try diner. 


The aftermath!

I aint gonna go to Maginhawa Village again! Because whenever i go there, it feels like my tummy would explode because of the overflowing sets of foooods! 

PS. These are only some of the good diner you can find in Maginhawa Village :)

Friday, March 6, 2015

Skin whitening overload

I always encounter this posts on Instagram and Facebook. They sell skin whitening sets and i dont know how effective their products are but they have plenty of good reviews by their users.

Im looking for creams that can help me solve my skin issues like, uneven skin tone, dark underarms due to pregnancy. So have you guys tried something you've just seen on the net? Can you recommend something that is safe to use by expecting moms? 

(Credits to the owners)

PS. Im thinking of getting my own domain. Should i get one or not? :/ it just if i will have one ,i'll spend some funds without me knowing if i'll gonna use it for a long time.. 

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

February Stuff

My yearly ritual everytime my birthmonth comes is to have a month long celebration. I will mark all the saturdays of the month of the things i want to do or places i would like to go. 

Like what just happened this february...

February 7th,
 Enchanted Kingdom on Sta.Rosa, Laguna

Thou we arrived there at around 5pm a lil bit late, we still managed to enjoy the park. 

The obligatory *couple* shot
 Me and my Girlfriends <3

There, i wont upload too much pictures because i might flood my entry :p

February 14 is my birthday so i spend it with my family and the BoyF at Vikings, Sm North Edsa. 

On February 22nd, We drain ourselves out at Sandbox at Porac,Pampangga. It consist of activities such as Wall Climbing, Aerial Walk, Free Fall, Roller Coaster Zipline and the most heart stopping ride of all the "Giant Swing" 

Of course the obligatory *couple* shot

And the last saturday of the month, Feb 28th. We stayed at Dawal Beach Resort in Candelaria, Zambales. Our friends werent able to join us so it's just me and the Boyf. The price of our room is just affordable so guys if you're planning to go to Zambales near Anawangin and Potipot Island just stay here at Dawal. And Potipot is just 5mins boat ride away from Dawal! Unfortunately we didnt have the chance to go to Potipot cause we arrived there at 4pm and the last trip going to Potipot island is at 5pm. 

Potipot is a small island located at Zambales. As what ive read in some post, it has white sand and it was a virgin island. 

I will go back to Zambales and definitely go camping at Potipot! Fact: There's no electricity in the area. 

 And yes, the obligatory *couple* shot again. 

Relationship Goals

I just wanna share this picture for the sake of posting.. Lols. 
Im sharing this to everyone so you guys will have an idea of what's the meaning of my url. 💕 

He is Charles Marcelo. We're together for about 22months now, that's 2mos away from reaching our 2nd year Anniversary. 💕  We've been through many ups and downs and im still thankful that we're still kicking it and some problems and a wonderful blessing is yet to come 👶 so pls good Lord, guide us thru this challenge. Hope we can overcome this trial together 🙏


After a week and a half.. Im almost done tweaking my page! It just.. i am not familiar with CSS anymore. *sobs*

So there, i have lots of pending post to make. but now, I rather have my focus on my page design because this gives me motivation to be active in blogging world again.

This serves as a test post. :p


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