The Girl

     Hi! Im Leigh Cee, known as Iyahnlol wayback 2010 on blogging world. Yea, almost 5 years ago. I decided to come back at blogging because i now have plenty of time doing this and my creative juices in CSS and grammar needs to be conditioned once again. Im using this blog to practice and showcase my skills. Wish me luck guys!

        On the other side, Im a graduate of Lyceum of the Philippines-Manila, a Tourism Major. Im pregnant with my first baby named Alie Skylar Cassandra(not her final name). so what's else?

        Adventures,foods, animals, cute stuff interests me so you'll see a lot of that topic in my blog.

 Hope you're having fun :) xoxo

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The Girl

Leigh Cee. 21.Pure blood Filipina. Procrastinate. Adventure.Wanderlust. Eat. Pray. Love. Soon to be Mom. ♥


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